Single product sold in two different ways

Hi all ,

See i am having a product Which is purchasing on bulk … and selling two different ways … one is a set of 6 pieces which cost is less and another is single piece which is high …The same time the cashier don’t have the permission to edit the price… how can I solve this


Check Selling Settings. You Can Check mark field ‘Allow user to edit Price List Rate in transactions’.


Yeah that I tried … But the issue is that the their is a chance of doing malpractices by the cashier… I want a fixed price for this item … Example … like I have product called A , and am selling this product as A and product B with two different fixes prices … when i sell as product A or Product B the stock should go out from A only .is thr any way

Try using two separate price list for the same item

But Could you please guide me… How can we use separate Price list for the same item

@Hari_Das you can try an pricing rule,, or a product bundle for the pack with 6 units

Product bundle would be the better solution. As this is the scenario @Hari_Das has described.