Single purchase invoice, multiple parties


How can I make multiple invoices for single purchase receipt? For example:

  1. Total amount of the items payable to the supplier
  2. Amount of shipping charges to payable to the shipping agent
  3. Amount taxes payable to the tax agents
  4. Additional charges made using Landed Cost Voucher

I tried making a purchase invoice for additional tax and charges, however, ERPNext doesn’t allow making a purchase invoice for tax and charges without items. If I make tax and charges entry in the invoice with the items, it’ll account it payable to the supplier rather than the parties who are actually supposed to receive the money.

A workaround solution would be to manually create Landing Cost Vouchers and then create GL entries to tax/charges expense/liability accounts against creditors, however, the downside would be that the user won’t be able to link it to Invoices using payment entry AND it is a manual process and prone to errors (leading to unrealistic profits/loss or inconsistent accounting balances).

I feel this is a missing feature in ERPNext and I would like discuss possible solutions and develop (or help develop) this “payable to multiple parties for a single purchase receipt” feature.

Please give me some suggestions, I am new here (although I have development experience) but I am willing to learn and start contributing to ERPNext, however, I need a little bit of validation or guidance for the features I want to work on so that I don’t end up developing something that ERPNext doesn’t want.

One solution I can think of is to create landed cost vouchers for any tax/charge that is not payable to the supplier.

However, the current landed cost voucher should be updated so that instead of simply typing the actual amounts, it should be such that taxes could be selected from tax and charges templates and/or list the tax accounts (like in POs, PRECs and PINVs) so that long tax lists can be automated. Additionally each tax row should have an extra column to select to whom the tax is payable to.

Then in addition to updating value of the inventory, the LCV upon submission should also create the necessary invoices (or simply create the GL entries against creditors if that will work) for each payable party

What do you guys think? Please let me know.

In your case,for case 1 ie payable to supplier can be done using supplier invoice

case 2 shipping charges to agent using landed cost voucher

tax payable to tax agents on purchase which can be entered as journal entry (this is to automated for tax on Reverse charge mechanism in india)

additional charges also entered as landed cost if paid to third parties or in supplier invoice itself if paid to supplier

Yes that is the current state of ERPNext.

-But you have to make (more than) 2 documents for Landed Cost Voucher: An LCV entry and THEN Journal Voucher entries with the same amounts as entered in the LCV to record payables and thus introduces redundant manual work.
-Additionally the taxes and charges calculation table isn’t included in the LCV form which forces the user to calculate the taxes manually.

So that is why I want suggestions to improve the LCV