Single Server for App and DB or Separate Server for App and DB


We have installed App and DB on a single server with 2 core and 8 GB configuration. I have set the innodb_buffer_size to 3 GB. We are now having performance issue with CPU reaching 100% many a times( used htop) . We are planning to increase the configuration. We are contemplating on the below two approach.

  1. Increase the single server to 4 Core and 16GB Ram and set the innodb_buffer_size to 8GB.

  2. Have Separate Server for DB with 2 core and 8GB and keep the previous server only for App.

Would like to hear feedback about existing deployments and the also which approach would be more advisable.


I’m not the expert nor having the experience in setting up servers.
But after reading some posts here and there, in my instalation I tend to separate the App and DB servers. The reasons:

  • easier to maintain and scale db and app separately.
  • I think it might be easier to configure the db servers for separate read and write, later when I need it.
  • sometime I get lower price / bigger discount for smaller VPSs :slight_smile: