SINV-RET- SINV- problems

If I create an Invoice for client1 SINV-00001 for say £5.00

If I create an Invoice Return for client1 SINV-RET-0001 for say £5.00

When I come to pay using Payment Entry for client1 ‘Make a new Payment Entry’ and select SINV-00001 and SINV-RET-00001 for payment, instead of the Paid Amount to be £0.00 the system adds the value of both invoices for a total of £10.00 instead of the expected £ 0.00.

If for an other Invoice for client1 SINV-RET-0002 and make the invoice a negative value £ -5.00 the system then says ‘Incorrect value: Grand Total (Company Currency) must be >= 0.0’

I am now at a loss on how to deal with with this problem, or indeed understanding the use and method of using form SINV-RET-00001.

Installed Apps

ERPNext: v9.2.2 (master)
Frappe Framework: v9.2.3 (master)

I think you are not making return entry from the original invoice SINV-00001. If you follow the process, system should make outstanding of SINV-00001 as zero automatically.

Please check following link to learn about sales return process in erpnext.

OK, Thanks.

when in Accounts > Sales, select required invoice

when in Accounts > Sales Invoice, in top right hand corner press Make and select Return/ Credit Note

A negative Invoice/ Credit Note can now be created.

Sorry I missed the Make button on the , Accounts > Sales Invoice form.