Site access issue

I am hosting multiple sites on Nginx. Within one of my sites, I’ve created an app with an API. While it works fine when accessed via Postman on the local machine, attempting to access the API from a remote PC results in the following error: 'Error: connect ECONNREFUSED

It’s not clear what your issue might be, however I feel like your connecting from your remote PC to the wrong IP (ECONNREFUSED is a special IP address that is only available from the same computer as where the server is running (basically, = = localhost). You need to access the publicly exposed IP adress of your server from your API.

Either it’s a local IP (for computers on the same network: LAN), or a public IP (the internet: WAN).

When I use port-based multitenancy, the site works on another PC (connected to the same network). However, when I use DNS-based multitenancy , the site does not working.