Site_config.json does not exist

Hi Everyone,

Please note due to the same reason I have re-installed my instance 17 times, and finally yesterday it worked but today again it stopped working.

Can anyone help me in this regard.

Ruchin Sharma

@ruchin78 can you make it available on internet and send me ip to ssh on PM

Disclosure: Am a community Developer

I have no idea how to get it access via Internet.

Ruchin Sharma

@ruchin78 do you have teamviewer?

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Yes, I have. Do you have Skype?
My Skype ID: ruchinsharmagur

Thats a cool offer @ramielian. Hope its a simple fix.

@system19 using Desktop version of ubuntu with UI is not really helpful as much as other users think…

Yep absolutely. I have read on the forums here that Ubuntu desktop with UI installed makes for a complicated install.
I think there needs to be clearer info about setting up a local ERPNext Dev setup.
People get confused between using the easy install (which is intended for minimal server install with no UI) and running a VM or Vagrant setup. I personally use the Frappe vagrant setup available here:

I will write up a demo or make a video as soon as time allows.

Hold tight @ruchin78 I probably tried unsuccessfully about 30 times the first time… So much to learn… Arrrhhhh

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The “Not Found” error with “site_config.json does not exist” is most likely because the site name in the ~/frappe-bench/sites/currensite.txt file probably doesn’t’ match the exact name of the site in the ~/frappe-bench/sites folder.

If you have a default install, the first default site is called “site1.local” so make sure that the same is in the currentsite.txt file.

@ruchin78 can you list the steps you did to install erpnext? That will make it clear what you missed.

The said problem has been solved now with the help of @ramielian
He helped me to resolve the problem.
However we couldn’t find the reason behind this but let all other knows what was happened?
I always install the ERPNext with a Normal user not as a root user with the below commands:

sudo bash --setup-production
This will install Frappe and ERPNext with Supervisor, Nginx and Celery. Supervisor will keep all services working in the background and make sure they all run.

Now, before that issue everytime, I Install it works, but this time it didn’t therefore 1.

  1. I removed the Ubuntu.
  2. Re-Installed Ubuntu
  3. Installed ERPNext with the Help of ramielian with root user
    and now its working fine.

Ruchin Sharma