Site Drops After Couple Of Minutes

I installed a clean instance of ERPnext V13 on a VPS , ran through the installation no issues.
I’ve done this a number of times before with the same VPS providers and same ISP hosts and no issues.
However since Friday 15th, the site drops intermittently, Ive read other posts and added the IP to jail.conf file and restarted the services to have the same issue crop up.

Is there anything else that I can check?

Now my site looks like this …

it looks like the build was not completed properly. try bench build

Thanks, so with bench build and a couple other commands , manged to get the site up but site still drops intermittently, any ideas of why ? Or where I could look ?

So a little over view of how i built it.

  1. Create a VPS Site , called it
  2. Installed ERPnext and created a new-site with the custom domain
  3. Created a “A” record pointing to custom domain with static IP from VPS site.

Did I miss any steps, in this case is it nesseray to bench setup add-domain since the site name is already the custom domain name?

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