Site is not working after power off VPS

I’ve just setup fresh ERPNext on Digital Ocean VPS using --setup-production. Then I power it off to take a snapshot. Then power it on again…but now the site is not accessible. I think all dependant services are not running when the system boots.

How to make Frappe, ERPnext, MariaDB and all dependants to start? And to make it auto-start when the system boots…


What is the error displayed on the browser? Can you indicate which service is not running?

No error. it cannot be accessed. It seems web server etc is not running, but don’t know how to check…Can you help?


You haven’t mentioned your distribution but search for how to view running services. Apart from that, also post the output of sudo supervisorctl status

I’m using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. before power-off after fresh-installation, the site was working

But now it’s going back to run after run ps waux | grep nginx after googling…

Do you know why? To prevent this in the future…