Site not opening from dynamics ip

My site is online can open from different locations and net and they all have static ip. But can not open on dynamics ip or mobile net what I am missing?

What do you mean…!
If am not wrong, you publish your site cloud with domain and static IP.
then you can access any ware in globally if everything configure correct cloud hosting process.

But if your local network published your site and try access client system then need to DNS manager for registering your site with server IP binding locally.
Then after you can access to client system without internet, it’s work only local area network connected systems, not globally.

Dear I have online my erpnext site
I have open from out of city 2 deffrent location it opens ( both net have static ip) and from android or other net who have dynamics ip can not open site
I can not understand why this is happeningand what I am missing ?