Site showing 404 Not Found with new Docker setup

I am trying to create a new instance of ERPNext 13.24.0 with the new docker compose setup following the instructions on frappe github but when docker compose builds and I go to the site I just get “Not Found does not exist”. I checked the logs for the configurator container and it is blank and its exit code is 0. Checked the mariadb container and no database for erpnext has been created in it.
I edited the .env file and built the compose file with
docker compose -f compose.yaml
-f overrides/compose.erpnext.yaml
-f overrides/compose.mariadb.yaml
-f overrides/compose.redis.yaml
-f overrides/compose.noproxy.yaml
config > ~/gitops/docker-compose.yml

docker compose --project-name erpnext1 -f ~/gitops/docker-compose.yml up -d

Debian 10 fresh install. I did not install Traefik as I am using a cloudflare tunnel and it is not needed.

did you create the site?

My bad. I was assuming the “configurator” would have done the same as the “site_creator” container from the old docker setup.