Site wide date/time format change on a per user basis

Is there a way to set the way the date and time are formatted on per user basis.

We have users in America and users in other parts of the world with a different format.
We want the dates to be in the format MM/DD/YYYY and any fields in next where you select the date to also have that format for our american users.

I thought selecting a timezone for my users would manage that sort of thing but alas, it did not.
Is there a way to do this without adding or adding to client scripts for every single docType on the platform?

I had a look in the workspace docType for fields that might help, but again, if the feature was there it would still have to be set for all docTypes.

Inputs most welcome and appreciated.


Any thoughts on this?

Does nobody have users in different time zones or is my problem too simple?

Does anyone know how to handle this kind of situation.
It is causing many problems for us, particularly as we migrate documents around to other platforms.

@Andy_Jones ERPNext stores, exports and imports dates in the standard ISO format, so data migration shouldn’t be much of a problem, at least on the side of ERPNext.

Currently the date and time formats are managed globally in System Settings. Before you create lot’s of client scripts, maybe you could hire a developer to implement user locales for ERPNext/Frappe?

Thank you!