Skip available sub assembly items

Good day all

I cant seem to find any docs on this tick-button in the production plan…

“Skip available sub assembly items”.

The explanation just below the tick box says …

System consider the projected quantity to check available or will be available sub-assembly item

which would seem to suggest that if a product consists of two sub-assemblies of which one
of them has a projected quantity of more than zero, it will not be included in the
production related to this production plan ?

prod 5 : Sub 1 & Sub 2

Sub 1 : stock
Sub 2 : No stock

Then the “get sub assemblies” button on the production plan, will only fetch Sub 2 ??

Am I interpreting this correctly ?

Hi @willspenc,

Yes, your interpretation is correct. When you enable the “Skip available sub-assembly items” tick button in the production plan, it means that the system will consider the projected quantity of sub-assembly items to check if they are available or will be available.

In your example, if you have a production plan for product 5 that consists of Sub 1 and Sub 2, and the projected quantity of Sub 1 is greater than zero (meaning there is stock available), while Sub 2 has no stock available, enabling the “Skip available sub-assembly items” option will exclude Sub 1 from being fetched in the production plan.

Therefore, when you click the “get sub-assemblies” button on the production plan, it will only fetch Sub 2 since Sub 1 is already considered available based on its projected quantity.

This option can be useful when you want to prioritize the production of items that are not readily available in stock and need to be manufactured or procured before the final product can be assembled.

I hope this helps.

Thank You!


Thank you @NCP for all your assistance ! Greatly appreciated.

Mmm … OK I will have to do some investigation then to see why it is not working. I did make sure to
check projected qty and not stock qty, as there is a difference. I might have stock but the
projected qty may still be zero ( based on other production etc ).

I even checked on the backend in tabBin all the various qty’s … .actual , projected etc.

OK, let me carry on looking at this. Thanks again. At least I know that I am interpreting the
note below the button correctly !!

Let me just check warehouses … if the warehouses are incorrectly set up, it will check the wrong warehouse !!!


I modified the Sub assemblies table to include the “Projected qty” column and when
the table is populated, it fetches the projected qty incorrectly as zero for Sub 1’

Whilst the “Stock Projected qty” reports stock for Sub 1
Also, tabBin at the backend reflects the same value as said report.

Clearly it must be a bug so I have submitted an issue.

Okay @willspenc