Skip patches howto

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trying to upgrade from an old version like 6-9 can be a problem. In this thread for example is advised just to skip patches:

On the other hand, it is not recommended:

Any advice on how to handle with errors in patches when upgrading?

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Well it depends on the patch in question, If you look at the patch title you can tell if it’s critical to functionality of key modules and documents. We see the bugs mostly with what I may call ‘social’ features.

In more than 5 to 6 upgrades I’ve had to skip well over 12 patches each time and the upgrade always finishes.

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Thank you for your answer. But then when skipping patches, bench update complains that the version in server is modified and is stopping the update also.

On the other hand, when running bench update --reset then all commented patches are uncommented and the problem persists.

Which way is best in your opinion to run the update command and keep the changes in the patches.txt file?

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Sorry for a month old reply, to prevent a new patches.txt, proceed with bench migrate

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bench migrate --skip-failing does the job.

However, it would be good to run
bench update
after it’s done.

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Nice, is this a new addition. brilliant, will keep this in mind before now this was manual.

Will it try to resolve the failed migrations ? In other framework there is a sqldiff to provide what is missing between the database state and the code, is something similar available in frappe ?

It will do the sqldiff and attempt to resolve. If it fails then there it would be because of unresolvable situatoin.

in that case is there a way to show the result of the sqldiff so that we can try to resolve manually ?

Check the traceback and post here.

Thank you!

I got it upgraded to v13. Will take sometimes to share the experience migrating from 7 to 13 later.

Just a small question, currently I cannot see the Exception error anymore in frappe.log. All it shows is:

2021-07-24 06:21:44,686 ERROR frappe New Exception collected with id: 2021-07-24 06:21:44.191117-

Just update my developer_mode to 1 but nothing new yet

After further digging, found that in error-snapshots Logging


you have saved my life brother.

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