#Slack Integration with ERPNext

I was wondering if ERPNext can be integrated with Slack channels. Individual modules of slack, if it can be integrated with Slack, then it would be of great value.

Does anyone think likewise ?


The way to go with chat integration is writing bots.

An ERPNext slack bot, for example would post a message everytime there’s a support ticket / sales order. You might also query the bot, @erpnextbot show SO-0001

It seems to be a supereasy and fun project (Make a frappe app and write some hooks). Do you want to do it?

Sorry I missed it due to festivals. Yes I would be interested in integrating Slack with ERPnext. Particularly modulewise.

Say Sales Module in ERPNext should be ideally able to post to Sales Channel in #Slack

Slack is overrated. There. I said it.

— Rushabh Mehta (@rushabh_mehta) September 21, 2015
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Slack is overrated if you only use Slack standalone.
But if you integrate slack with Trello, Bitbucket,Jenkins and Dropbox, it become a very powerful tool for team communication.