Slow performance of ERPNext in our organization

Hi we are using ERP next version 11 in our organization which was installed by some vendor. Iam working as an ERP coordinator and the we generally face is ERP portal usually take too much time to load.Sometimes we have to refresh it often.Can somebody guide me about this issue.Thanks in advance

@Haseeb update to latest version with a proper installation

@bahaou Which version you suggest and don’t you think that its a cloud base issue

@Haseeb ,
you must keep the ERPNext updated. before it, you have to update the latest OS as well as the dependency package.

@Haseeb version 11 is way too old , you should definitely update it , and what are you server specs ?

Type: Cloud Server XL
Cpu: 4vCore
Ram: 8 GB
SSD: 120 GB

@Haseeb your server is super strong , you need an update

if our server is strong then why we are facing delay and browsing issue ??

@Haseeb your version is outdated and probably a very bad installation