Smallest Currency faction not working in POS

I entered the smallest currency faction in currency as .25

but in pos it does not round off to the next division after applying discount .

in above image , it should have been rounded off to 7.25.
doesn’t even change while payment or on receipt .

Am i missing something?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I think in POS, the system shows grand total which is not rounded based on smallest currency fraction. I think it should also show rounded total and change amount will be calculated based on rounded total.
Can you please post a github issue for this?

DONE. Hope it gets resolved quick .

Can you Please help me with one more thing regarding POS…

How can you sort items based on Brand in POS ?
all i can sort it by now is by item group and there are no customizable search fields in POS

Any help is appreciated …

No easy way, you have to dig into the code and customise as per your need.

Hello, just replicated the issue on my test account [ ERPNext: v11.0.3-beta.34 () (staging) ]
The system does round off the amount as desired, I referred to your post on the forum and it is indeed working as expected, now! Attaching screenshots for your reference:

Smallest Currency Faction:

POS Invoice:

Decimal Precision is set to 3:

Hope this helps! Thanks for reporting!