SMS Center cannot sent text to all phones in Receiver List because an error in a phone number

I’ve successfully configured a SMS Gateway (Twilio) in SMS Settings, and even can send a message to several mobiles without problem.

But in some cases, when there’s a mistype in a mobile number in the receiver list or the mobile number doesn’t exists, or is in a blacklist, I cannot complete the action, and the message was sent only to the numbers before the number with problems

Is there a way in which I can catch the exception of the SMS, and keep sending the sms to the numbers without problems?


  • erpnext 12.7.1
  • frappe 12.5.1
  • Clean Install, no Form or DocType customization

hi @nextheaven , may you share SMS settings Twilio… ?
thank you

Hi, this is my configuration. Note that “header” is checked in Authorization and Content-Type parameters.