SMS Center for Education Module

Hi @scmmishra, @ManasSolanki ,

I feel there should be a SMS Center for Education module as well to send out announcements, fee reminders & notifications alerts to the students/parents. We should have a provision to create receiver’s list like All the students of STD-X, All the parents of UKG students, All the students of an institution etc.

Is it possible to use the current SMS Center in CRM/Selling for the above said purpose? If Yes, Please provide the details on how do we achieve this.

yes, you can use the current SMS Center for sending SMS.

Yes, I already know that it can be used to send SMS, My question is how to create a custom receiver’s list in that case? Ex:- All the students of STD-X :roll_eyes:

can you elaborate on that with an example …

A search gets this dated thread that is one place to start SMS alert configuration

This doc may help Notification