Set email alert for any new comment in tasks/projects

I wanted to set Email Alert for all the users - Comments. What is the “Email by Document id” field that I need to set? I have followed the guide but it does not have the Email By Document field (

But when I enabled it, whenever I comment in a task, it would send out some weird and very outdated emails to the users. The comment notifications can be from old auto responders to old email correspondences which it is not supposed to be. How will I configure so that it will send only the comments?

I also have this requirement.
When a comment is made it should be sent to predetermined email I’d automatically.

Also when a certain record is created, it should be mailed. This is with a daily result report that we made. I wanted to create the mailer automatically. How can it be done.


@rmehta is there a way to set up? Raghu also have similar requirement too.

I have posted the screenshot about the fields.

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any update on this issue?? we need the new comment alert in email alert…

@cyberdee You can set email alert in ERPNext
Please refer following link to set alert on new comment

I cannot receive email alert for a new comment…

Hi,is there any possibility to send email alert on each comment.i can not find the event trigger on comment.


Are you on latest version?

You can create email alert.
Document Type: Comment
Send Alert On: New


ERPNext: v6.27.17

Frappe Framework: v6.27.21

Can not see comment doctype in doctype field

ok, then you need to set email alert on Communication.

Document Type: Communication
Send Alert On: New
Condition: doc.comment_type=="Comment"

I tried the above steps. Didnt get the mail yet.

can not see comments in communication.i searched comment data in communication,but nothing found.
I did the below steps to test

1.Commented on Opportunity Doctype
2.Opened Communication Doctype
3.Filter data with comment type equals Comment

It says no communication found

try like below it workz…

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@kolate_sambhaji, @hereabdulla it is working now.Thank you

@kolate_sambhaji is there any chance for setting alert for particular doctype for ex.Comments in lead only instead of all comments in all doctypes.

@Hafees_Kazhunkil thanks

@hereabdulla First of all, thanks for correcting email alert condition.
If you want to set alert for particular doctype, you can set condition doc.reference_doctype = "Lead"

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but I need both condition how do I set if I given one condition in one row it shows invalid

Use and

like doc.reference_doctype = “Lead” and doc.communication_type == “Comment”

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What will be Recipients setting? There is no option to send it other users :frowning:

I have some questions regarding email alert and hopefully I can find someone that help.
What is Email by role?
Also, it is mentioned to check for an event every day, you need to select date change in the event. Is there Date Change? I did not find. I found Day After and Day Before but did not find Date Change.
One more point, if i selected the doctype to be sales invoice and I need to send the email to the customer email, so what the Email by document field will be (specially that sales invoice does not customer email)?
And thanks for all.

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