Sms integration,problem with configuration

I want to configure the sms service.I filled all the details but error is showing like bellow

401 Client Error: Unauthorized for url:***************&recipient=855*******&originator=SECURI

config are as in pictures please suggest the proper changes

Hi @surajkumar ,
You should replace Message Parameter with message & Receiver Parameter with mobiles

Hope this helps.

made all changes still not working.
generates same error

@nabinhait @System19
pleaase suggest any solution


It shows 401 Error means problem with Key or in rare case problem with HTTP Method. Try Post method and Make sure your secret key should be valid.

The last time I tried to use a SMS gateway with Frappe that required HTTPS It wouldn’t work. That was about 18months ago. I had to use a service that provided a plain HTTP service and it worked no problem. This was due to Frappe implementation. It looks as though message bird provides plain HTTP services. MessageBird | API
Try this method.

not working i did all changes

Did you try http method?

I’m quite new here.
I’ve used whatever is available through forum.
please elaborate the solution,
If you have any better gateway URL which I should prefer then also suggest me with all necessary parameters and other configurations

while doing with messagebird with above parameters I am getting this error

HTTPError: 422 Client Error: Unprocessable Entity for url:

Seems some parameters are mandatory or problem with parameters.

which parameters


originator is mandatory field.

I am not sure how message bird deals with http. Below is the company I used. I am not promoting them at all but most http SMS gateways use the same or very similar settings. This may help.

SMS Gateway URL

Message Parameter

Receiver Parameter

On the right side of the page create the following:


Optional Setting

Your Company Name

Just read that @bhavikpatel7023 solved your issue.

hey it’s national domain.
do not have service for out of Aus


I guess URL is same and as you told earlier there must be problem with it.
which static parameters I have to provide?

Yes you have to add textbox for origin in sms center and try it again.

Enter your SMS gateway URL instead.
SMS Gateway URL

for messagebird?

i did as in screenshots which text box?