SMS settings changes

Hi Team,

I just wanted to find out if I can make changes to the file.

I did not want to break anything so its why im asking - my first pull request if no one has objections to the changes :wink:

Firstly, need to make changes to def send_request(gateway_url, args), I prefer using requests and added the imports. Then my service needs a post request so for now I just added to the request. Also remove the scrubing of the url as I provided the url as is with https

So final code looks like this with everything else staying the same:

def send_request(gateway_url, args):smile:
import requests, urllib
r = + “?” + urllib.urlencode(args))
return r.status_code

if this is exceptable to all then I can try out the pull request…awaiting your feedback.


ok, need some help, cause on my dev box the procedure works no prob. On production Im having it hanging and slowing web connections to the site when I click ‘send now’ button. Not sure what im missing. No errors are displayed and I dont see anything in the error logs.

Would a design not be better to store outgoing messages and then have a thread read and send messages out going through the list of sms needed to be sent?

My old system worked this way, but im sure im doing something wrong. Assistance required :wink:


Hi @hpema108 Adding https to outgoing SMS messages would be great. As well as encrypting all SMS messages, It will allow ERPNext to access a lot more SMS Gateways which have https set as the minimum requirement.
I am a total newbie when it comes to python but look forward to reading your PR to use as a learning tool. I am sure the ERPNext Team or regular Forum members will be able to check your code for speed and reliability. Gook Luck and Thanks.