So... I did get my system back, but... is a little buggy

I had a problem when I trying to update my develop program. So, I tried to recover it, doing a lot of things suggested on this forum.

As I don’t get any success, I’m trying to get a new instance, and recover a backup.

When I install a fresh erpnext, and do a bench swith-to-branch develop, I got this strange situation:

And when I try to look inside the modules:

I can’t see the list…

Some ideas here?

first of all if you are not a developer there is service provider will help you out and save your time better that relay on forms suggesting which depends on each case different solution …
secondly development branch is not stable as master branch . would advice you to stick with master since it’s tested and more stable …
after switching from version to another you have to run commands like

bench setup requirements
bench build
bench migrate

the production version is 11 when the develop branch is 12 and there is a big difference between them

I restored the backup in another v12 instance… It’s all working now…

This intance still useless… I’ll try to recover, just to understand the problem.