SO, SINV, PO, PI naming

Hi again!
In our old system, we used to create the SO and then all numbers would match for everything linked to that document. For instance, SO-123456. When we created invoice, it was SINV-123456. For every PO created from the SO, it would number like PO-123456-XX (where XX is a supplier code). PI would be same as PO except PI-123456-XX.

Is there a way to make the numbering system do this in ERPNext so that the documents all seamlessly match and it is easy to see what aligns?


I do not think this is possible to do on the ERPNext cloud instance.

Bummer. So it is available if we were self-hosted? This isn’t a requirement for us but we’d love to get as close to this as possible since it’s what we are used to.

Check this