Social Key auth redirect issue google https

Im really new to this and got stuck on the social logon thing.

I use https, Bitnami on GCP for my Erpnext installation. I think I have the latest update.

Im trying to enable the the social auth with Google.

When I use https within the redirect url I got this:

When changing to http I can select a google account. But after a while the page times out. I guess the create a new account should be showing.
Could some one guide me to find a solution to make google login work

Update redirect uri on Google console, it needs to be https there.

Try setting host_name key in site_config.json, example "host_name": ""

Almost there,
I have added “host_name” and that work,
Now I got another issue. The consent screen shows and I can select my google account.

But when I select my account Google tries to connect but times out.
This is whats times out

It works to create a local account without any problem.

Try removing port from host_name just use “” instead of “

I added 443 to “http_port” in site_config.json and now it is working!!
The solution was to add the following to site_config.json

“host_name”: “”,
“http_port”: “443”,

Thanks a lot

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For version 15 enusre that you also add the following to site_config.json especially if you are using docker on a vps.

“restart_supervisor_on_update”: true,
“restart_systemd_on_update”: true,