Social Key auth redirect issue

We have installed erpnext using bitnami image for google cloud (ERPNext packaged by Bitnami for Google Cloud Platform)

The site is also configured with SSL and works fine.

Now we trying out Integration of social key using google credentials. which is done properly as per the documentation.

Now the issue is when I try to login using google account. the url redirect url is different and add port 8000.

Not sure how is this port 8000 gets added as my site is running in port 80 / 443

Did you figure this out? I’m also having trouble figuring out what the correct redirect URI should be for google authentication. All the docs appear out of date.

Under the “Social Login Key” listings for each client there is a pulldown for “Client URLs” which lists the proper redirect URL. I’m not going to put it here since it will likely change in the future. Adding this to my Google Client ID allowed me to login with my google ID.

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