Social login / multiples emails


ERPNext is using the user email as a unique id to identify a social user.
These days most of us use multiple emails for their social identities, one for Facebook, another for Google… and an other for working with ERPNext

Social login will create a new user for each emails. If your email is different on Facebook and Google you will have two differents accounts on ERPNext. You can even have a third account if you login with the email/passwd form.

Is there a way to merge Social identities with an existing user without creating a new one? OR
allow an already connected user to add social profiles to its account?


Out of the box I don’t believe there is a way. Though I understand what you mean with the multiple emails and accounts, perhaps advise your users to just use one or the other? In my company we only use Google to login. For starters, we are a Google Apps company, so logging in with our work emails is already done. 2. facebook at the office isn’t really a great thing IMO. Perhaps just setup your ERP to only use FB or Google or email login giving less options to your end users.

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