Social Media Integration with ERPnext

How I can integrate ERPnext with Social Media, for example, I need manage Facebook and Instagram (posts, comments, messages) from ERPnext

Is there any documentation for this?

I don’t think anything exists at the moment that I have seen. What did was create doctypes to hold all of of our social media content and then used Zapier to connect to the social media platforms for us. Its not perfect but does what it needs to.

Is there any documentation or steps to do this?

I want for example when post some thing on facebook, that create a new document in custom doctype, and this is will connect with all comments that created for this post and store in another doctype, and can reply on this comment from ERPnext

We don’t have any of it documented. For the comments we send all of those to chatwoot through the API to respond. With all of that being said I don’t see why you cant send it to a Social Comments Doctype. I think the workflows would be similar the workflow endpoint would just be erpnext doctypes over chatwoots conversations.

When I get the time I will document what we have built for workflows. Im not 100% when I will have the time we are in the process of a new product launch.

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Ok dear,

Thank you for your response

I guess this might be complicated given that you require proxies to schedule and post content on meta, specifically instagram.

Subscribe to an existing SMM platform and iframe it into a workspace.

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I don’t know anything about the Facebook/Instagram APIs, but this could be a use case for Virtual DocTypes. Virtual DocTypes let you see data from third-party APIs inside ERPNext, but don’t actually store the data in ERPNext.

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can you explain what I need to know, or any documentation for how to integrate Facebook or Instagram with ERPnext

Well you would need to create a custom app for this but I assume it would be a very complex job.

Did you have a vision of how to implement it?
if you have, then we can build it and I will pay for your working.

Same thing dear, if you have all vision for how we can implement it. as paid project