Social Media Posts

Hey gang,

I am curious if others have a need to have multiple social media accounts that we manage.

Example: I may have social posts that I want to create and then have posted to multiple controlled accounts that include personal accounts, company accounts, and other managed accounts.

Problem: As far as I can see in V13 and V14 there is only the ability to connect to a single Twitter and a single LinkedIn account.

Preferred Solution: My belief is to include the ability to have more than one social media account per channel would be an immediate solution to help on this singular problem.

Feature Suggestions: I also believe that creating the attached system that includes more than one format for videos and photos and then post automatically the correct format to the correct social media channel. Further - other channels like YouTube Long, YouTube Shorts, Facebook (Pages, Groups, Stories), Instagram (photos, Reels), TikTok, etc… is the obviously the next obvious extension.

My desire to incorporate it into the ERP system is because the team producing the content needs the ability to coordinate projects/tasks/checklists into a work product that is simple to categorize and see the publishing calendar’s past, present, and future.

We use a simple system called which is ok - but it lacks the ability for us to run reports on outputs from the teams or to understand our catalog of content that we produce and compound the posts as we gather more content in the future.

Finally, the ability to import the social stats for each post from each channel and present it would be dreamy - similar to the existing reporting from the YouTube API which exists, but only for reporting not posting.

If anyone wants to take this on I am prepared to help sponsor these features or if @rmehta and the @frappe team want to give this a go then I am pleased to collaborate on user inputs with my team, immediate design feedback, and some funding as well to be sure it is both created and integrated into the core or to an appropriate social media APP.

Happy New Year to all of you!


I absolutely agree that these features would be really helpful

Your idea of managing multiple social media accounts within ERPNext is quite intriguing. Many individuals and businesses face the challenge of coordinating content across various platforms, and your suggested features could be a game-changer.
The ability to connect multiple social media accounts per channel would indeed be a significant improvement. Moreover, automating the posting of different content formats to the appropriate channels is a great idea, considering the diverse nature of social media content.
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