Socket Connection Error xhr poll error

Socket Connection Error xhr poll error

Above error when open helpdek page.

site is on port based(

Anyone find solution for this…bcoz i am also facing the same in v15

No solution.

Updating the SSL Certificate will Resolve this Problem.

Hi I am also encountering same issue, I updated the SSL Certificate but still showing. Anyone can help?

This might be late of a response but this is what solved for me:

In terminal enter below command to edit supervisor.conf

sudo nano /etc/supervisor/supervisord.conf

Below [unix_http_server] enter this


save and close the file

after that restart supervisor with below command

sudo service supervisor restart

in your bench folder run command

bench setup supervisor

Hi Sukuna, thank you. We tried this but encountered same error.

Tried this?

bench setup socketio
bench setup supervisor
bench setup redis
sudo supervisorctl reload

Hi @Kaviya_Periyasamy, I also tried but still same error.