Software Projects - Tasks, ToDo and Issues - What could be the typical workflow?

I would like to know what could be an typical work flow for Development and QA of software projects within ERPNext. We can create projects and tasks. How the developers and testers will be working against those tasks and issues? Do they need to look at their assigned To Do or the Tasks, to carry out their day to day work? How could the work items for the bug reports can be managed with in ERPNext? Do we need to use any external bug tracking system for that? If so how can we integrate the two?


We don’t do software development, but I’m sure we have a similar challenge in handling our work.

We make several projects per customer some times even several per month (we generate these straight from Sales Orders).

We then either assign the whole project or just single tasks to one or several individuals.

Doing this all the individuals have their own ToDo in their list. If you like to use “list view” or “kanban” is up to you.

Also, when you go to
Project → Projects-> Tasks
you can hit the button “assigned to me” on the left to see all your tasks. Here you can then filter for the connected project (you can’t filter for projects in your ToDo).

Issues are an other matter. You can link issues to projects but not to tasks. So issues are not a child-element to Tasks (which I find unfortunate).

We work on issues mostly and then make timesheets toward the project the issue is linked to. It would be easier for us, if we where able to “make timesheet” streight from the issue its self.

Happy to answer any question on that topic as we are working with this very intensively.



We would like to see task templates that could be selected in projects rather than author new tasks every time. A task template would have a name, description, and duration. User would pick task template in project and then set start date, Duration property would set end date. Could also be tied to customer so only task templates for project customer would appear.

Hi @cpaa this feature is implemented in v12.

I have collected further information on the whole matter here: Does Project Orientation make Sense? - #11 by wojosc