Solufy launches ERPNext eBook for developer "Developer Guide for Beginners-ERPNext Tutorials"

Hello Guys!!

Solufy launches ERPNext eBook for developer “Developer Guide for Beginners-ERPNext Tutorials”

Very interesting and knowledgeable eBook for everyone.
It covers all topics and subject of ERPNext in a very simple and easy to understand language.

Please click to visit our eBook link: ERP Products - Solufy ERP

Please give your feedback.

Thank You


Great Idea!!

However, I would prefer to pay for the book with real money than to have to give up personal details like my mobile number and open the door to constant interruptions on my phone.

So, is there another way to get to this ebook? Even if it means spending some cash?


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Hello @bkm,

This is the our first edition ERPNext E-book that contains all the basic ERPNext technical concepts, and it has been given for free to welcome contributions and spread the awareness of the product.
On our website we add sign-up form to fill up the information because of we can get the information about how many people are interested and refer this book and who is interested to learn or implement erpnext for his/her organisation.
There is no calls/pings/ disturbance in picture.


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It take a lot of effort to produce something like this
I have downloaded and look forwards to reading and understanding. I will feed back .
Well done!

Agreed!! That is why I offered to pay for it. But if he is going to promise no pings or emails that it will be worth the information exchange.



Hi, I was looking for a trigger to dive into ErpNext development in 2019. This came in just in the right time :slight_smile:
I will check and give feedback.
Best regards.

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You really make a difference giving this ebook to the community.

Thanks a lot!

Great eBook. May I share the downloaded ebook to some people in the internet?


Yes, You can give him to our website ERP Products - Solufy ERP link so he/she can use it.

We make this eBook public so anyone can download free and use it.