Solufy launches ERPNext Second Edition Ebook “Technical Guide for Developer-2020”

Hello Guys!!

Solufy launches ERPNext Second Edition Ebook for developer “Technical Guide for Developer-2020”

It is covered very interesting and learning points.
1: Doctype Events (Server side)
2: Environment setup for DNS based Multitenant.
3: Create parent child category using custom app.
4: Customize customer status using custom app.
5: Frappe.get_doc using custom app.
6: Frappe call method using custom app

Please click here to download :
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Sorry, but i can see everyone who download the book going to this url:
You should add allow_edit: 0 to your web form.

I am getting this message, any help?
Email Address must be unique, already exists for LEAD-00199

URL will be change day by day but you can download ebook using below link

You can use alternate email address and download it.

Thank you @Solufy. Got the ebook. Have given my email ID. Not sure how much it will of help
to you.

Will go through it as bedtime reading

Thanks @Solufy got it PDF.

Thanks @Solufy! Very grateful!

Will be best if it include Let’s Encrypt setup and its auto-renewal script