Solution for Common Internal Server Error issue?

For quite a long time I was stuck at the Interal Server Error problem and it makes me even gave up the ERPNEXT system to other system like Odoo.

Now I believe now I got the solution. If you are using cloud server with RAM 1GB or less, it will easily got this issue. The whole system memory usage will easily goes over 1GB and makes the mysqld process crashed.

Previously I just reboot the droplet and start mysqld it will resume, but problem will come back again within a few days, the more users, the faster it comes back again.

So the suggestion is either increase your droplet/VM RAM size to 2GB or even more, or use the SWAP to make use of some of the harddrive to become your memory, but it is not recommended by digitalOcean as they are using SSD. You may refer to the link:

I want to let all your tech guys to check if this is the solution of common internal server error issue, I haven’t encounter problem for more than a week already. Previously the problem is quite frequently. As you can see my SWAP is starting to use already:

total used free shared buff/cache available
Mem: 993 629 106 56 256 168
Swap: 4095 240 3855

Hopefully this can help other people on this issue as I was in this trouble for quite a long time. If anybody got any better solution please let me know as my system is in use for my company, it needs to be stable and reliable.

Thanks & Best Regards,
John Yao

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Actually, the server requirements are clearly indicated as part of the installation page as indicated here GitHub - frappe/bench: CLI to manage Multi-tenant deployments for Frappe apps

Hi saidsl,

My droplet is 1gb ram, but it still got the problem, so 1gb is not enough. I believe at least 2 GB is safe.