Solve Email IMAP issues once and for all

Hi everybody,

we are currently in the process of migrating to Frappe and ERPNext. We are on V15 of the Framework.

We are experiencing different issues with the mail accounts, especially with our IMAP accounts and it seems many others have so too reading a bit through the forum. But information is pretty scattered so I want to create this comprehensive thread about the current status. Also document, what might be configuration issues from our side and what are known issues.

What works:
receiving Emails in Frappe (configured via IMAP)
sending Emails from Frappe

What doesn’t work:
Append Emails to Sent Folder (although checked in mail domain settings)
Sync from Sent Folder (preexisting emails on mail server to frappe)
Mark emails as “read” (error message TypeError: argument of type 'int' is not iterable)
Sync email status (read…) over IMAP, to mail server… can check this as soon as the above issue is resolved
Change email domain from IMAP to POP3 and back this leads to :arrow_down:

For one test we changed the email domain from IMAP to POP3, which worked but changing the settings back to IMAP broke all email accounts based on that domain, solution was to delete and create the email accounts again after changing the mail domain settings to IMAP.

I really hope we can bring some light into the current IMAP situation and together solve some issues once and for all.


We are also experiencing all of these issues. For your information, the mark read issue started after moving to v15.

thanks for confirming that, may I ask what your solution is?

Hope we can also get some information from the developer

Update: We managed to successfully append sent emails to the sent folder, but and this is a big BUT, only using a google email account. With our mail server provided by Hetzner, it sill doesn’t work. Same settings, and as identical as it can be.

I was reading through threads reaching back to 2018 describing similar problems, which leads me to believe, that email, and IMAP in particular is still a hot potato in the frappeverse nobody wants to touch.

Really curious, how bigger entities manage their emails with frappe. Are we overlooking something?