Solved: Adding Apple-Touchs for ERPNext Mobile Users

Hi Everybody,

I am trying to add apple-touch icons to our instance so that users can add an app icon to their home-screen and have the awesome native-like functionality of ERPnext Mobile behind it.

  1. I generated all necessary Icon sizes with the wonderful:realfavicongenerator,

  2. Added links in doc Head of frappe/frappe/templates/web.html (See below),

  3. And placed all the necessary images in /frappe/public/images/

    {% block title %} {{ title }} {% endblock %}

The touch-icons are not working. I am not sure which view to add to that gets inherited by erpnext/login.html

Any direction on which view to add icons to and where to place images would be greatly appreciated.


Got this to work.

  • Add icons into #[your.benchsite]/public/files

  • Add link sources ^ to icon files in #frappe/frappe/templates/base.html


{% block title %} {{ title }} {% endblock %} {% block favicon %} {% endblock %}`

All users in my organization use Apple devices you may need to add android/chrome icons if you have android users.



Pull request?

I got you fam Just add files to []/public/files for mobile app icons! by tkhamdan · Pull Request #1549 · frappe/frappe · GitHub