[Solved] Batch No. visible in invoice

Can somebody please explain step-by-step how to make the batch no. visible in Sales Invoice and Sales Order?
I read a thread where it says I need to customize the forms, but nowhere do I see “Batch No.” and I do not know how to add it to the form.

Here is what it looks like now:

Sr Description Quantity Rate Amount

I need to see the Batch No. in there too
I have customers who insist on the Batch No.
Funny thing is, a few days ago I tried and the Batch was visible and now it’s not.

Thanks a lot

It’s OK found it.

@Milen_Kolev_Yordanov also share how you fixed it!


If you are creating Sales Order → Delivery Note → Sales Invoice, then batch number is present in Sales Invoice but not display.
If you create Sales Invoice and checked update_stock, then batch number and warehouse is display.
code for reference: