[solved] Bench-branch v4.x.x

Hello masters!

I’m trying to install v4 in easy way (manual installation even v5 not working for me) on Ubuntu 14.
I’ve run the script

sudo bash setup_frappe.sh --bench-branch v4.x.x

and got an error
Remote branch v4.x.x not found in upstream origin
Is it possible to install v4 easy way? Is it possible for you, developers, to open v4 branch for installing?
I like v5, but v4 is more nice in frontend for our users.
Thanks in advance.

I guess I found a solution:

  1. Clean install Ubuntu server 14.04 (on VirtualBox)
  2. I installed latest version (v5) with easy setup sudo bash setup_frappe.sh
  3. I removed the folder “frappe-bench
  4. I ran from user folder ~/ bench init frappe-bench --frappe-branch v4.x.x
  5. cd frappe-bench and bench setup procfile

I hope this is normal solution… Will try it on office server later