[SOLVED] Bench Update stuck


I ran bench update today and its getting stuck on

Executing erpnext.patches.v7_1.repost_gle_for_pi_with_update_stock in

I have left this for almost an hour and still stuck on that line…rebooted the server and tred again, still the same.

Now site is stuck on “Updating. We will be back in a few moments…”

any ideas?


There are quite some topics around with similar issues these days. Some of those have solutions as well.

bench migrate
bench update --patch
bench update

… seemes to ne something that has worked for some

Hi @vrms

Thank you for your reply, but this is not the same and an error in the bench update. Im already past the version 7.1 update.

I am talking about a patch that seems to have no end to it, ive left it running overnight and its still running.

hemant@ubuntu:~$ cd frappe-bench/
hemant@ubuntu:~/frappe-bench$ bench update
INFO:bench.utils:updating bench
Already up-to-date.
remote: Counting objects: 118, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (90/90), done.
remote: Total 118 (delta 62), reused 25 (delta 25), pack-reused 3
Receiving objects: 100% (118/118), 53.79 KiB | 0 bytes/s, done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (62/62), completed with 19 local objects.
From GitHub - frappe/frappe: Low code web framework for real world applications, in Python and Javascript
9f93076…d329ee3 master → upstream/master
7c4f40b…9ecfebd develop → upstream/develop
9f93076…050e456 hotfix → upstream/hotfix
fe98b32…657aa2d v7.0.x → upstream/v7.0.x

  • [new tag] v7.1.3 → v7.1.3
    Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): Pillow in ./env/lib/python2.7/site-packages
    INFO:bench.app:pulling frappe
    From GitHub - frappe/frappe: Low code web framework for real world applications, in Python and Javascript
  • branch master → FETCH_HEAD
    Updating 9f93076…d329ee3
    frappe/init.py | 2 ±
    frappe/desk/doctype/bulk_update/bulk_update.js | 31 +++++++++++++++++±------------
    frappe/integration_broker/doctype/integration_service/integration_service.js | 5 +++++
    frappe/integrations/doctype/dropbox_settings/dropbox_settings.js | 2 ±
    frappe/public/css/form_grid.css | 1 +
    frappe/public/css/list.css | 3 +++
    frappe/public/less/form_grid.less | 1 +
    frappe/public/less/list.less | 4 ++++
    8 files changed, 34 insertions(+), 15 deletions(-)
    INFO:bench.app:pulling erpnext
    remote: Counting objects: 71, done.
    remote: Compressing objects: 100% (52/52), done.
    remote: Total 71 (delta 27), reused 14 (delta 14), pack-reused 5
    Unpacking objects: 100% (71/71), done.
    From GitHub - frappe/erpnext: Free and Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • branch master → FETCH_HEAD
    6f0897c…6ece870 master → upstream/master
    Updating 6f0897c…6ece870
    erpnext/init.py | 2 ±
    erpnext/accounts/doctype/purchase_invoice/purchase_invoice.py | 41 +++++++++++++++++++++±------------------
    erpnext/docs/assets/img/accounts/change-amount.png | Bin 0 → 56963 bytes
    erpnext/docs/assets/img/accounts/offline-records.png | Bin 0 → 225798 bytes
    erpnext/docs/assets/img/accounts/pos-item.png | Bin 146829 → 231192 bytes
    erpnext/docs/assets/img/accounts/pos-payment.png | Bin 47045 → 56601 bytes
    erpnext/docs/assets/img/accounts/write-off.png | Bin 0 → 56703 bytes
    erpnext/docs/assets/img/articles/price-list.png | Bin 0 → 42275 bytes
    erpnext/docs/assets/img/articles/pricing-rule-invoice.png | Bin 0 → 79917 bytes
    erpnext/docs/assets/img/articles/pricing-rule-margin.png | Bin 0 → 95196 bytes
    erpnext/docs/user/manual/en/accounts/point-of-sale-pos-invoice.md | 20 ++++++++++++++++++++
    erpnext/docs/user/manual/en/accounts/pricing-rule.md | 27 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    erpnext/docs/user/manual/en/selling/articles/adding-margin.md | 6 ++±–
    erpnext/patches.txt | 3 +±
    erpnext/patches/v7_1/repost_gle_for_pi_with_update_stock.py | 16 ++++++++++++++++
    erpnext/projects/doctype/timesheet/timesheet.py | 2 ±
    erpnext/setup/setup_wizard/data/country_wise_tax.json | 2 ±
    erpnext/setup/setup_wizard/setup_wizard.py | 2 ±
    18 files changed, 94 insertions(+), 27 deletions(-)
    create mode 100644 erpnext/docs/assets/img/accounts/change-amount.png
    create mode 100644 erpnext/docs/assets/img/accounts/offline-records.png
    create mode 100644 erpnext/docs/assets/img/accounts/write-off.png
    create mode 100644 erpnext/docs/assets/img/articles/price-list.png
    create mode 100644 erpnext/docs/assets/img/articles/pricing-rule-invoice.png
    create mode 100644 erpnext/docs/assets/img/articles/pricing-rule-margin.png
    create mode 100644 erpnext/patches/v7_1/repost_gle_for_pi_with_update_stock.py
    INFO:bench.app:pulling varmani
    From https://github.com/Varmani/varmani
  • branch master → FETCH_HEAD
    Already up-to-date.
    INFO:bench.app:pulling rounds
    From GitHub - hpema/rounds
  • branch master → FETCH_HEAD
    Already up-to-date.
    /home/hemant/frappe-bench/env/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pip/vendor/requests/packages/urllib3/util/ssl.py:318: SNIMissingWarning: An HTTPS request has been made, but the SNI (Subject Name Indication) extension to TLS is not available on this platform. This may cause the server to present an incorrect TLS certificate, which can cause validation failures. You can upgrade to a newer version of Python to solve this. For more information, see https://urllib3.readthedocs.org/en/latest/security.html#snimissingwarning.
    /home/hemant/frappe-bench/env/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pip/vendor/requests/packages/urllib3/util/ssl.py:122: InsecurePlatformWarning: A true SSLContext object is not available. This prevents urllib3 from configuring SSL appropriately and may cause certain SSL connections to fail. You can upgrade to a newer version of Python to solve this. For more information, see https://urllib3.readthedocs.org/en/latest/security.html#insecureplatformwarning.
    Requirement already up-to-date: pip in ./env/lib/python2.7/site-packages
    Migrating rounds
    Updating frappe : [========================================]
    Updating rounds : [========================================]
    Syncing help database…
    Migrating site1.local
    Executing erpnext.patches.v7_1.repost_gle_for_pi_with_update_stock in site1.local (1bd3e0294d)

I have a lot of invoices in my system but even then it should not take the entire night. Not sure why this is re-posintg ledgers. Was the system posting them incorrectly before?

I will investigate further.



The latest update resolved this “reposting of pi gle”. I noticed the code was updated and moved to v7.0.

Anyways, just as a note from my understanding of the finance side of things - not sure if its a good idea to delete journals and repost them if they are in the past and financial years could be closed This was not the case for me, but I would be nervous if in the future there is a patch like that. After reports are printed and audits done we should not be changing or deleting journals, no?

just some thoughts.


I don’t think closed fiscal periods are reposted.

@nabinhait can you confirm?

In the mentioned patch, we are only doing reposting of those Purchase Invoices where “Update Stock” option is checked. As “Update Stock” feature is released with v7.0, it will not affect last year’s invoices.