[solved] Bulk Invoice Printing

Hi everyone, i have about 800 invoices and need to print them all or save them as pdf, can this be done?



look at this:


You can write a script do download PDF via the API



Hello ERPNext team,

We are also interested in this functionality to be able to bulk print invoices or sales orders.

Would ERPNext have this functionality implemented in the near future? It is something that would save a lot of work for those companies (like ours) that still need to print these invoices/sales orders due business and law requirements.

Already exists.

Check multiple invoices via list view and click on Menu > Print


Fantastic! Thank you @rmehta,

I wonder if it is possible to mark this treat as “SOLVED” somehow? Usually in other forums it is done by appending at the beginning of the post title the text “[SOLVED]…”

Is this feature available in ERP 4.0? I could not find.

@rmehta can you please tell me when was this feature incorporated? and where in the file i can find this service?


Its implemented in the latest release.