[SOLVED] Can I make sub warehouses of a Parent Warehouse?

Kindly members guide me, Can I make sub warehouses of a Parent Warehouse???
For example our company has 11 warehouses in Jeddah…
can i make parent warehouse with the name “Jeddah warehouse” & further its 11 child warehouses

@signinacca Navigate to Warehouse Tree (you can do this via the search bar) then click the All Warehouses Group then click Add Child.

Type Jeddah then select “Is Group” then click Create New.

Now click Jeddah then click Add Child

You may add your child warehouses this way

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in my erpnext version, its not giving such option as “group”. kindly look at screenshot

@signinacca please upgrade to v7 only v7 has sub warehouses :slight_smile:

ok thanks man.