[SOLVED] Cannot delete a cancelled SO because it is linked to an existing one


I created SO-0001, saved and submitted it.
Then I cancelled it and amended it and got SO-0001-01.
But now I cannot delete SO-0001 because SO-0001-01 is linked to it.

I understand that it is linked to it but I really don’t need it to be. Is there a way to break the link so that I can delete the cancelled one?


It’s meant to be that way so there is a record in your system that shows what has happened (SI git cancelled) and also how the original SO looked like.

The best approach is to get used to that practice rather then trying to change this default behavior


Understood. I can do that :slight_smile:

My main issue with this limitation at the moment is that I’m still experimenting a lot and sometimes I need to delete a lot of documents in order to change some things at item level. But it’s doable.


If you aren’t live, you can delete all transactions in company settings.

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Too much work done @cpurbaugh, I don’t want to start from scratch. Thanks for the tip, though.

What if, after canceling a document, instead of using Amend, I use Duplicate? Then I can delete the original one, right?

Another thought is changing the name of the item file, and making a new one with corrections to replace it.

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That’s a good idea, thanks.

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