[SOLVED] Can't create production order from material request

I created some “Manufacture” material requests from the Production Planning Tool, but everytime I try to make a production order out of them I get the error “Cannot produce more Item [Item Name] than Sales Order quantity 0”

The items are not on the sales order directly but they are in the BOM of an item on the sales order. Also, the material request is for the correct quantity.

I have read the manual, searched the forums, and tried many things myself. No luck.

Anybody know what I’m doing wrong?

Have you tried using the Production Planning Tool to convert the Material Requests to Production Orders?

Open PPT >> From Material Request >> Select the MRs >> Create Production Order

Didn’t realize you could do that! But I just tried and it says no production orders created, doesn’t matter if I have Multilevel-BOM selected or not, no production orders created.

I’m guessing it’s an issue with either my BOM structure or my Item settings.

I believe the issue was caused because I imported all my Items into V7 with a .csv created in V6.

There’s a column in the V6 doctype for “Allow production order” which I had all set to 0 because I was trying to figure out a purchasing workflow. That column doesn’t exist in V7 but perhaps that switch is still there behind the scenes?

Anyway, I deleted all my Items, exported a fresh Item csv from V7 and copy pasted all relevant columns into it, re-imported, works. Magic.

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After further tests I believe this was ACTUALLY the source of the issue, since my first tests had Operations attached and my next tests did not.

Operations MUST all have descriptions or Production Orders will not be created. BOM’s that have Operations with no descriptions MUST be cancelled and updated (after the description is entered in the operation) because they do not update by design.