[BUG]: Production Planning Tool - no Prod order if there are operations

I’ve run a bunch of tests and it looks like the Production Planning Tool will not create a Production order if the Item has operations attached to it. It seems to have no problem making production orders from sales order items or material request items that don’t have operations.

Is this by design, or a bug?

This sounds like a bug to me, you should create a GitHub issue for it.

Created a Github issue:


Are you getting any error when you try to do this? Also, do you have the Capacity Planning button checked off in Manufacturing Settings?

No error message, create production order button just has no effect. Capacity planning is enabled in manufacturing settings (the disable Capacity Planning checkbox is NOT checked).

ERPNext 7.0.16
Frappe 7.0.14

I found the source of the error. If an Operation has no
description the PPT will not create a production order. I found this out
by trying to manually create a Production order from the same Item,
same BOM. I got an error message there saying that the Operation needed a

You have to remake the BOM after the description is added too since the BOM will not update by design.

So it looks like that error message should be added to the PPT, with
probably an addition letting the user know which Item contains the bad

Or alternatively, all Operation fields should be updated to have the
description be mandatory, probably a better fix so people don’t end up
with many BOM’s that must be cancelled and updated.

Added this to the Github issue