[SOLVED] Can't log in to ERPNEXT from a different country from where I set it from

I successfully installed ERPNEXT on Ubuntu 14.0.(dedicated server) However while I and all people I ask to try in my country can log in my client and all the people I ask to try in his country cant access it.

Error message
Internal error, request could not be serviced at this time.

All other services including webmin at :10000 can be accessed from the two countries.

Any ideas

  1. I know it is possible to restrict access bases in IP addresses. Can it be that is somehow active on your installation and therefore restricts access when you are not in the allowed location?

  2. Can you ping the IP address if your ERPNext server from that remote location?

  3. is the foreign country from where you can not access your server China, or North Korea, or any other country with similar restricted internet?

The country is Uganda and no restriction.
I had to forward to port 8080 for eprnext to be accessible. Beats me how this can happen