[SOLVED] Custom Field creation


I know that this subject has been discussed many times in the discussion forum. But, I still have some confusion. I have created a lot of custom fields inside the forms in the ERPNext module. And, the version of ERPNext is old. I am just wondering whether the bench update/upgrade will create a problem for those custom fields. I just read somewhere that I should have created an app and added the line, Fixtures = [“Custom Field”] etc inside hooks.py. My question is:

  1. Can I do it with the existing fields as they already have data?
  2. Will the bench update remove my existing custom fields?
  3. What procedure should I follow?

Thanks a ton for all the support extended so far.

Hi @UmaG,
Use the Following Steps:

  1. create the back up
    2.custom field export in csv.
    3.then bench update
    4.if conflict is occured then solve it otherwise restore backup
    5.bench migrate and check it.

Sagar Shiragawakar
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt Ltd.

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Thanks Sagar for the detailed steps.

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Hi @UmaG

Please Refer link
Have you read this?