[SOLVED] Customer_address and address_display in Opportunity does not work


For Opportunity, when a customer_address is selected, I want address_display to appear. I have unchecked hidden for address_display as well. However, when I select a customer_address, I am faced with the following error message:

Field OPTY-00003 not found.

and “Uncaught frm.set_value” on my console.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!

@fachristy do you have a custom script? What version are you using?


Thank you for your quick response.

No, I do not have any custom script. I’m working on v6.27.15


@umair can you replicate?

@fachristy Thanks for reporting this issue. I can replicate it in my test account as well. We will update you when this issue is fixed.

@neilLasrado Can you please fix this?

@rmehta @umair Thanks a lot!

Hi team,

Wondering if there have been any updates on this issue?

Thank you.


The issue has been resolved on version 7.

Thank you!