[solved] Customize Form for Sales Invoice - field name multiples error from update

Hi- I had added a field called Purchase Order (po_no) and Purchase Order date (po_date) to the Sales Invoice doctype from Customize Form.

I had to do a bench update, and after this, I am not able to customize the sales invoice any more. I get the error: Fieldname po_no appears multiple times in rows 6, 24

I think a new field was added in the latest update and it has the same name as my custom field. Please help resolve.

Thanks in advance

hi, yes, I also think you are correct.
your can change the name your custom field or remove it if you don’t have the data in them.

I solved it by deleting it from the database. I am writing it here, but you should be careful if you are not sure:

delete from tabCustom Field where name = ‘Sales Invoice-po_no’;
delete from tabCustom Field where name = ‘Sales Invoice-po_date’;

Took me a while to figure out where it was in the database, and what the naming scheming was.

You could have also gone directly in the Custom Field DocType and deleted them from there.

As earlier those fields weren’t a part of the DocType, and many users added it through customize form. But, recently those fields were added to the Sales Invoice DocType itself and hence caused a conflict with the custom fields of the same name already being there.

So, rather than deleting it from the database, deleting it from the Custom Field seems more appropriate.

Wait! How?
When I go to DocType List → Custom Field, I am not seeing any of the custom fields which I had entered earlier. Any help with screenshots will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Nope, it should be Custom Field List your_domain_name/desk#List/Custom Field/List

Thats awesome. I did not know about this feature. Thanks.