[SOLVED] ]Different App on One site need to override the same whitelisted frappe method?


I’m facing a case that I didn’t notice before.

One site with ERPNext version-12
2 custom app that doing the diffent things.
in each custom app I need to override frappe.model.mapper.make_mapped_doc

So in each hook.py file I’ve put
override_whitelisted_methods = {
“frappe.model.mapper.make_mapped_doc”: “special_item_accountancy_code.custom_scripts_py.item_account_gl.make_mapped_doc_custom”,

and the another app
override_whitelisted_methods = {
“frappe.model.mapper.make_mapped_doc”: “customappfixongoingpr.customappfixongoingpr.custom_scripts_py.fix_26828.make_mapped_doc_fix_26828”,

I notice that only one of the override methods is call (always the same , I assume the one with alphabetically first name

Do you have a solution to let Frappe play all overrided method from all apps ?

Finnaly I decide to make another app with the entry point of override and distribute into this app the order of call that are decribe into all hook.py.
It’s very specifics to my implementation but it work.