[SOLVED] Disable automatic Description field determination


The field “Description” is automatically filled in many document types. It is carried over from templates to variants, from items to sales order, etc.

I tried to understand how this is customised but didn’t.

How can I disable it?


My assumption is that once you’ve entered the value into the database, it’s being fetched into corresponding fields in all the doctypes. And this is the point of ERP system.
You might be able to change this behavior, but I’m not sure how simple it is.

Hi @nununo,

In case of Item description field is set with the item_code. please check item.js.

you can find the code to fetch description fields to Sales Order, Sales Invoice and other documents in get_item_details.py

Thanks, Makarand

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I am using the cloud version provided by ERPNext.com. Can I still access those js files?

No, you can’t change the source code of your SaaS instance.

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Understood. Makes sense. That’s what I imagined. Thanks!