[Solved] Field workflow_state not found - What is this and how might I fix it?

When I try to do a Stock Entry to move inventory from one warehouse to another (in v13.3.1) I am getting this error:

Has anyone else seen this and found a fix?

I am unable to complete the transaction due to this error. It will not let me get past the Draft state.



Fixed It !!!

It turns out that when I upgraded from earlier version the conversion did NOT take into account my existing workflows. It therefore did not allow for the creation of the custom field that workflows create on their own when you make them and it didn’t exist in my converted data (even though the workflow itself was carried over.

I had to change something in the workflow and save it in order for it to recreate the custom field it makes on it’s own in the stock entry for tracking the workflow status of the document.

Confusing, and it took some outside help to track this down.